Giacomo Esposito's University Graduation Thesis "Napoli in tutti i Sensi".
Bachelor of Design and Communication 2nd University of Napoli “Luigi Vanvitelli” Faculty of Architecture, Aversa (CE) Italy.

Talarico is one of the oldest handicraft firms in Naples.
For three generations the firm has supplied umbrellas to a demanding clientele and to the occasional passer-by. Mario and his nephew, Mario Jr, are leaders in a century-old art that has been handed down intact from generation to generation. Theirs is one of the few firms still capable of meeting the demand for articles made by hand from first-rate materials expressly manufactured for them to order, as well as customized articles.

Visiting the workshop is an authentic experience; firstly you get into a huge mess, tools, fabrics, buttons, wood. Then in a corner, patiently and phlegmatically Mario Talarico is working on one of his beautiful artworks, this way to make umbrellas needs time and passion, tradition and skills.

About the thesis - Napoli in tutti i Sensi.

A complex work to revalue some of the most surprising, but unfortunately forgotten places of the city of Napoli.
The project aims to intrigue the viewer, through the creation of very short videos, which were interpreted using synesthesia; an expressive method that implements all senses and thus engages the audience.
These short videos will be transmitted via the underground transport system and at bus stops. All the videos include a link to a website where you can read about the places shown, to enhance and encourage knowledge of these areas and it also serves as a means to receive and send information from several sources, to join and then become part of an online community.

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