The official music video for "Pages & Paragraphs" from Set It Off.
Artist: Set It Off
Song Title: "Pages & Paragraphs"
Director: Mikey Ortiz

Verse 1:
Listen close and don't you say a word,
I'll tell you a story of a boy who heard,
Nice guys finish last but then,
It was to his surprise,
She walked into his life,
Let's re-write this tale.

Turn turn the pages of your real life story based on love,
Read over chapters carefully,
Just to finally see your past mistakes.
Push pen to paper and put your bottle down.
You say that there's no happy endings,
But in this story the good guy gets the girl.

Verse 2:
You were so sure of yourself,
Your tongue can whip like a belt,
Too bad we're ten feet tall.
I'm on cloud nine and so is she,
Only wants to be with me.
Score one for the nice guys.

This one goes out to all of you,
Who knows what I'm going through,
Say it baby "I'm yours"



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