On March 22, 2008 I ended up with extra tickets to see Justice at the Ogden Theater in Denver. One of those tickets ended up in the hands of Nichole Berger. Five-and-a-half years later, I asked her to marry me in a gallery in San Francisco. In the months leading up, I commissioned 19 friends, including graphic designers, illustrators, tattooers, and craftsmen, to each design a poster that would be a single letter in the proposal. This group included friends from Boulder, Seattle, and San Francisco, capturing the landmark places and events in our lives together. In secret, I collected the art, bought frames, designed my question mark, printed and trimmed each poster, and approached galleries. I found the wonderful guys at Book & Job Gallery who bent over backwards to help make this event a success. On August 17, 2013 I brought Nichole to what she thought was a poster show organized by friends and co-workers from my last job. What she found instead was a show called Love Letters. A show where I got down on one knee, and asked her to be with me forever.

She said yes. :)

Special thanks to:
Brad Kayal for shooting and editing this video, along with shooting stills of the event.
Andrew Devansky for assisting with the installation
Brad Phifer for helping me figure this whole thing out
Carson and Shawn from Book & Job Gallery in San Francisco for giving me a place to do this
And to the artists, in order of their letters: Berger&Föhr, Ali Sooudi, Jen Lee, Rishi Shourie, Austin O'Connor, Meghan Berckes, Barrett Brynestad, Kyle Macy, Celeste Prevost, Brad Kayal, Allie Packard, Samantha Szakolczay, Rob Angermuller, Cory Schmitz, (me), SuperDeux, Jerad Shealey, Zack Prucha, and Andrew Devansky.

Jonathan Boulet - A Community Service Announcement

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