Never Pass Go "Dual Personalities" (Jameson), from the album "Baltic Avenue" on ZenWhisper Recordings (ZWR034) 2013. Music and lyrics by Kevin Black; Published Never Pass Go. Kevin Black (Vocals/Guitars/Bass) with Neil Braden (Drums). Recorded at Namesake Recordings, Mira Mesa, CA 2013; Mastered by Adam Sisco and Kevin Black. Album artwork by Kevin Black.



Alright, that's it, I've had enough
It's time to seal you off, dare call my bluff
You laugh like I'm a liar, I'm barely getting by here
I don't care about the times we had, the mischief's all gone bad
You hung me out to dry, I'm dripping sweat,
I swear this ain't no empty threat

You were once my partner in crime,
Now the nemesis that swallowed up my prime
There's no forgiveness left, only hatred for your superimposed theft

Close your eyes and tilt your head,
It's Jameson, the immortal friend
Who turns me like a vampire every time
We all feel as bulletproof as a bottle, it's addictive
You cover up your losses every night

Neglected, I avoided you, but every week, I fall, I slip right through,
A stand off leaves me running, you're in all four directions
Like a cell, I'm in the cold,
You're the blanket that I hate but love to hold
Kiss me once, my bottled friend,
'Cause the warden's locked you down, this is the end

Every time, your azz is mine
Oh, every time, my friend J-Mo says, "your azz is mine"

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