As part of the culmination of my Residency at La Baraque in Montréal, I participated in creating an instillation for Dôme Café, an event focused on the senses, creativity, and free knowledge exchange. Also presenting were a baker looking to bring Madeleines, the super tasty traditional French dessert, to a new generation of Québécois; Hacker PhD, an international group who lobby for free universal access to research resources; and Sonia Conchon and Ha-Loan Phan who facilitated the event as a trial run for the real Dôme Café, a business venture intended as a gathering place for scientists and creators alike (much like its namesake in Montparnasse, Paris).

I created the physical installation, a 30 square foot blanket fort referencing everything from Opium dens to harems, and from child-like imagination to the main income of La Baraque: beds (the space pays its way as an AirBnb, making it a great place to meet people from all over the world.)

I also took part in a few sessions of improvised sound with Noémie Guérin Gosselin who runs La Baraque.

Adrienne Crossman provided projected visuals, and also took this brief video documentation.

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