The Domination
Stronger than the Dragon...
More powerful than the Tiger...

Rainbow Word Ninja took influence from the following quotes

"I wish I hadnt read that." J Hynes

"notion of the interactive exchange between the art object and the viewer. while such exchanges are ofter recorded as the stated goals of museums and galleries,, the institutional effect of the gallery, often seems too put the masterpiece under house arrest, controlling all conflicting and unprofessional commentary about it."
Peggy Phelan

"Im gonna shut up now."A. Fawke

"surely unnecessary in the exhibition space itself? Has anyone ever exclaimed '2440 x 1830mm, whouda thunk it ?"...."resembles watching a production of Hamlet, while somebody whispers the play's high school guide in your ear." Tom Morton

Rainbow Word Ninja by Jojo Hynes 2013
Music by Dr Frank Millward

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