Keith, my brother in law, first saw this 1908 Albion lorry ("Not a car Liz!") on their neighbour's farm at Berowra N.S.W. That was in 1946 and he was only 13 years old.

The old Scottish neighbour said "Keith I'll sell it to you for Ten Poonds, but if you can drive it away I'll give it to you for noothin."

After school and in between milkings on their dairy farm, Keith with some help from his brothers cleaned down the engine, prised it out of the dirt and with the help of keroscene, instead of rationed petrol, he got the Albion lorry to go and drove it home!

He used it on his various farms in NSW and for special historic events. Now Keith and his Albion are enjoying retirement to Dorrigo. It now resides in a shed with brother Rod's 1911 Albion car.

They are known locally as the "Albion Brothers" and attend Veteran car and Rusty Iron Rallys and special occasions.

I enjoyed making this video of Keith's passion and appreciated the help from fellow Dorrigo Museum members and the technical assisance from ABC Open Producer Coffs Coast Liz Keen.

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