This is a documentary that highlights the trap of poverty in a third world country, where limited free education and health care are provided. This is a single parent family, the youngest family member has Down's syndrome, the older son has leukemia, the family barely gets by on social payments, and their living conditions reflect this. They live in an 8m x 8m home that has a water supply but no drainage system, toilet, shower , or place to wash their clothes. Their waste goes into a hole that leads to the space between the houses.
For just $1500.00 their living conditions can be changed, and they will due to the work of local people and expats who now live in the area.
A new bedroom will be built on to the house a bathroom with a shower toilet and wash basin, will be installed A place where laundry can be washed dried and stored will be provided, and to top it all of a link to the public sewer system will be installed.
The house will be made wheelchair friendly to accommodate the needs of the son as illness progresses and he is unable to walk.

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