Today, I wanted to challenge the RODE SmartLav by taking it outside of the studio.
RODE microphone's reputation is well known and while I primarily focus on shooting video for TV commercials or Corporate Video that ends up on the Web, I think that for the $60 price point of the RODE SmartLav, I can get even more creative with my shoots and get high quality audio with a smaller crew.

With that in mind, I decided to take the RODE SmartLav out of the studio and office settings and out on a RODE-Test.

There was not a better time to do this than right away in the morning since it made for a quick and convenient way to determine what exactly I would need to do and how much time it would take to set up the environment for a typical commercial shoot if I was to use the RODE SmartLav.

I had already downloaded the RODE Recording App on to my iPhone5. I simply plugged in the SmartLav and ran the cord through the inside of my shirt connecting it to my iPhone.

I used the default settings on the SmartLav and hit record.

Mounting the camera is what took a little bit of time as I had not done that previously. I used a Sony HD Handycam that shoots AVCHD video in 1080p at 29.97 fps -- with very few manual video options; so expect that this is -- well what it is.

It is the smallest camera that I own and getting it in the car with the gear that I have available from my house was the only option.

From this video, I think you will agree that the RODE SmartLav performs very well.

Did I have some problems with the audio -- Yes. Was it the RODE SmartLav's fault? NO.

I could have improved the performance if I'd take a little bit of time to wrap the SmartLav's capsule (around it not the top) with mole skin to prevent the fabric and seat bealt rubbing sounds. I could have also taped up the cord to my t-shirt to again reduce the handling noise.

All in all, I was impressed. I can absolutely use the RODE SmartLav in future video shoots. The audio files are of great quality. With some minor tweaks in post, it can be improved further.

I hope that you found this quick video useful. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and if you did not like the video please give it a thumbs down.

Please leave your comments or other suggestions as to how we might be able to leverage this affordable option to improve our productions.

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