As I drove up to Echo Park, on a beautiful afternoon, going up and down steep hills, almost getting lost, my heart was thumping, I was excited to shoot for The Voice Project, for an opportunity to be a part of this movement of peace and community I've followed for a long time...something that started so far away but has spread long tendrils of empathy and commonality around the globe. As I talked to Landon Marcus for a few minutes before we started rolling I could sense that he was feeling the same way.

One of the great themes of the project is home, and being invited into an artist's home, it adds something special I think to the performances. I loved the feel of his patio, the sounds of birds chirping with joy, even the sirens, everything around created a comfortable ambiance for this acoustic performance....what you see on film is exactly what it is, an artist inviting you in to his backyard to play a song. Landon performed "Hero" by Family of the Year (Joe's on guitar in the Cillie Barnes episode), and I was immediately hooked into his nylon string interpretation. It's in our DNA to help and love each other, it's why so many have taken to this project so easily, naturally, and why these performances are so consistently good. Thanks to Landon for inviting us into his home, and thanks to everyone who has participated in The Voice Project, in front of and behind the cameras, for putting this goodness into the world.

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