Exponential View
Led Light & Paintings
Geert Mul 2013

Brightening this tunnel in the netherlands ‎is a permanent art installation by dutch media artist geert mul. previously located on the site was the house of the famous dutch scientist and astronomer, christiaan huygens. a leader in the wave theory of light and motion, he also made further discoveries regarding the planet saturn. lining the wall of the dark tunnel is a colorful painting that is illuminated by LED lights - fittingly the artwork is a tribute to the extension of seeing and features images relating to the scientist's breakthroughs. the project was commissioned by gemeente voorburg/leidschendam:

'this tunnel is built on a site that used to be the garden of hofwijck, the house of the dutch 17th century scientist christiaan huygens. christiaan huygens contributed to the development of the telescope and the microscope. media-artist geert mul created a tribute to the extension of seeing'

Geert Mul 2013
Commissioned by Gemeente Voorburg / Leidschendam
Production Geert Mul / Frans van Viegen

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