Thao was the subject of the very first Yours Truly piece; filmed in the Marina with rented cameras, borrowed time and absolutely no idea what the fuck we were doing. But Thao made it easy, busting balls and carrying us through that first experience, like a big sister. Two years later, the night before she left SF for tour: Thao, Willis, Adam, and some friends from the Lexington came over to drink wine, play Saved by the Bell the board game and watch Thao perform songs from her new album, “Know Better Learn Faster.“

According to Thao:

“Know Better Learn Faster is a song about being too late, ill-equipped upon arrival, and a little too lacking throughout.
It is the audit and condemnation of both parties of a relationship– neither one can nor will cut it and so the very important, sweet thing they have haphazardly built of course falls down.

The line ” I was up in arms all night” is somewhat literal. I have terrible sleep patterns, especially when shit goes down. But i don’t stand sentinel with weapons; that was for the sake of word play. Also how weird and dangerous would I be if I did that.”

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