In an effort to find out more about the current state of digital ad sales, Adslot and Digiday asked publishers at least partially supported by advertising about their sales processes. The research included survey responses from 171 employees from publishing companies of all levels and nine in-depth qualitative interviews with senior management from premium publishers. The questions were designed to identify frustrations, bottlenecks in processes and generate time-based activity costs.

Raj Chauhan from our North American team reveals the results of the research into the direct sales process by identifying time consuming bottlenecks, common frustrations and expensive pitfalls in the transactional RFP process - Three main themes emerged - optimization is labor intensive, the need for self service and, most notably, the manual nature of the RFP process is draining resources from publishing companies.

Speaker: Raj Chauhan, president, North America & Europe, Adslot

Video originally from @Digiday:

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