A much better looking and sounding trailer for the new COSMOS with Neil deGrasse Tyson, cut by me (Director and Editor Daniel Scherl), a long time fan of Dr. Carl Sagan.

In my personal opinion, this is the trailer that Fox should have released to pay homage to Dr. Carl Sagan, his work, positive influence on the world and love for the human race as well as open the door for Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson to take the helm and hopefully bring a new generation of people to see the universe before them and know in their hearts that it's so very important to wonder.

If people at COSMOS studios see this, and/or the people at Fox / Seth MacFarlane's team and they want me to edit the show for them, I would be happy to discuss that. :-)


(Please note: This is for my personal use as a fan video only, and not intended for profit in any way whatsoever so as to avoid any lawsuits. :-) )

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