I often talk about hedgehogs and strimmer injuries. I am not sure that words and still photographs always get the message across.

This hedgehog admitted here at Willows Hedgehog Rescue has sustained a strimmer injury to the snout. This is not the worst kind of strimmer injury we see and in terms of snout injuries it is very serious but again we see far more sever injuries, so from the distress of this hedgehog I will let you imagine how more severe cases look.

The nose has been sliced in two, the hedgehog is struggling to breath and will have issues eating & breathing during rehabilitation as the nasal passages are compromised. The snout is very sensitive as provides a sense to a hedgehog as important as sight to a human.

PLEASE always check for hedgehogs and wildlife before carrying out working in the garden. 10 minutes checking saves awful & life threatening injuries.

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