This is the trailer of Breaking Silent Shame, a documentary about incontinent women in Zambia. Made by Poor People's Fund and Sanne Bouwman Productions.

Most women cannot imagine what it's like to give birth to a dead baby. In Zambia, thousands of women are suffering from this traumatic event. After several days of squatting and pushing, these women give birth to a deceased child. Many of these women become incontinent and are repelled by their husbands and often they are rejected by their families and tribes. Breaking Silent Shame shows the impact of this problem, called Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF).

Twice a year, a VVF-camp takes place in Our Lady’s Hospital in Chilonga (Northern Zambia). These VVF-camps offer a treatment to Zambian women who are suffering from this terrible illness. By giving expert doctors the space/possibility to explain the injuries and empowered patiënts the opportunity to share their experiences and tell their stories, Breaking Silent Shame creates more awareness for the subject of VVF.

Main tasks: Production and Direction

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