Artist talk by Elke Radke -
Duration 36min14sec

«VJ Juladi»

Elke Radtke has been active in the video art scene for 7 years. She has performed at multiple Video Art and Music Festivals around the world, as well as lectured on video art in Mexico City at the Arts University San Carlos. She won the Mapping Festival VJ Competition 2013 in Geneva and was the 1st runner up at VJ Torna at the Live Performers Meeting Festival 2012 in Rome (Championship Category) and 2011 (Battle Category).

As VJ Juladi she creates new imagery and makes sounds visible. She specializes in analog and handmade visuals. Responding live to music, she experiments with the movements of her hands and body in addition to placing various objects in front of the camera: feathers, leafs, fabrics, fire, etc. to create mesmerizing effects which are sent through a video mixer and out to a screen. For the last few years she has also been using her whole body for the visuals, starting to dance, perform and move in front of the screen. The pictures which appear are always different. Simple hand movements result in intriguing patterns and shapes on the screen …. which sometimes even look like birds or digital animated forms.

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