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“The Beauty of a Perfect Romance” – Ruth & Tim’s Engagement

Don’t Ruth and Tim look incredible in these pictures? They definitely took my breath away while I was working with them for their engagement session! Wearing different outfits for each spot they went to, these two found a way to make all the attention fall on them and their wonderful love. Filled with charming smiles and a romantic warmth, Ruth and Tim shared a fun day as they visited Central Park and the Amphitheatre found there, walked around the city, and posed near the Brooklyn Bridge. Each moment was captivating as I watched these two cherish the memories they shared. It was an awesome session!
Beginning our day at the Brooklyn Bridge, these two looked great as they posed on the bridge itself and the surrounding areas that were filled with wonderful elements of nature through the green park and the shoreline. Wearing a red dress and a dark colored suit that had a tie to match Ruth’s dress, these two really stood out gorgeously from the scenery around them. You could definitely see the love that they shared. After being together for over 5 years, their love was amazing to witness. With a love of travel, visiting new restaurants, staying fit, and remembering that special moment when they met for the first time at a Bob Sinclar concert on a leap year, there was a great strength to their bond. As they stood on the Brooklyn Bridge though, I could see a certain sparkle light up their eyes. Tim had proposed twice to Ruth – the first was more of a joke – and I wondered if the second proposal was brought to mind since it had happened on a bridge in France as they connected padlocks to it as a tradition like many couples do. In either case, as they stood on the bridge, their love shone brilliantly and I loved being able to capture it!
Going next to Central Park and the Central Park Amphitheatre, I was really drawn in to this love story. Looking exquisite in another colorful red flowing dress that made for unique pictures and a gorgeous grey suit accompanied by two different ties, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Walking through the green grassy areas or spending a romantic time posing in the glorious atmosphere provided by the Amphitheatre architectural designs, there was nothing quite like seeing these two in love!
After we left Central Park, Ruth changed into a sunny yellow dress that really added a fun vibrancy to the day. Paired with Tim’s grey suit, these two looked great as they posed for some fun shots. It was great seeing them smiling and having a great time! As the night began to fall though, it was time to make our way back to the Brooklyn Bridge area. Changing once again into a gorgeous grey toned gown and a dark suit, the romance was in full swing as the sun filled the sky with unique colors and clouds. With the city rising behind them and a bond drawing them close to each other, I loved the effect of this scene! Even throwing on some sunglasses for a unique shot, I loved being able to have fun with these two! They had a great relationship and a positive energy that just made them both stand out in every picture. What a beautiful couple! I wish you all the best for your loving future and congratulations on your engagement!
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