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“The Beauty of a Perfect Romance” – Ruth & Tim’s Engagement

I loved working with Ruth and Tim for their engagement. It was like watching a love story unravel right in front of my eyes! Looking incredible in the outfits they chose, these two were filled with positivity, love, and a gorgeous romance that kept each picture alive and stunning! Joining them as they visited Central Park, the Amphitheatre in Central Park, areas around the city, and the Brooklyn Bridge, you could definitely see the strong bond that they both shared. They had an amazing quality of love between them and with radiate smiles throughout the day, you could tell that this moment was everything to them.
Before we start in about this couple’s lovely day together, I just wanted to share a little bit about them. Ruth had grown up in Indonesia, but both of them had been born in the US and ended up there as well. Meeting at a Bob Sinclar concert on a leap year (February 29th), these two hit it off. Being together for over 5 years and sharing their love of staying fit, travelling, visiting new restaurants, and everyday life activities, they had a strong relationship together. Along with their unique anniversary of meeting on a leap year and only being able to celebrate the actual day every four years, Tim also had proposed two separate occasions. The first one was more of a joke since it was payback for an April Fool’s prank. Catching Ruth right after she had gotten out of the shower, he had proposed with a ring that had a diamond the size of a grain of salt! But of course he later proposed during their visit to France after they had connected padlocks to a bridge. Now that one was romantic! She of course said yes both times though and it brought them closer together.
Now on to the details of our day together! Beginning our wonderful day at the Brooklyn Bridge, Ruth and Tim posed on top of it with a gorgeous red dress and dark suit. Venturing into the green park area that was near the shoreline, I was able to get some precious shots of these two enjoying the afternoon together. After that though, these two were able to leave me even more breathless as they headed to Central Park. Changing into another colorful red dress and a grey suit, the atmosphere was perfect! With lush green areas to just focus on the two of them, their love definitely had a chance to shine! Even as they posed in the elegant atmosphere provided by the architecture of the Amphitheatre, you could just tell that these two truly had a deep bond and a wonderful sense of romance. They looked amazing!
After having a quiet moment together in Central Park, these two decided to stroll through the city. Changing into a yellow dress that went along nicely with Tim’s grey suit, Ruth’s dress really brought life into each picture. Posing for some fun pictures together as they walked around, I loved the results of their playful attitudes! But with night approaching, it was time to go back to where our day started – the Brooklyn Bridge. Changing into a dark suit and a grey toned gown, these two looked incredible as the sky was filled with color and wisps of clouds. With the romantic scene surrounding them and the cityscape to accent them, these two looked phenomenal. Love was all around us during this moment and I couldn’t believe how magical it all was! Sharing a beautiful chemistry and a romantic day together, I could tell that these two would be able to go the distance. It would be a wonderful journey for them and I felt honored to be a part of it!

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