Winner of The Place Prize for Dance 2013 sponsored by Bloomberg, 'Athletes' is a work on competition viewed as tension between man and machine. Three enigmatic figures shift from solidarity to cruelty in a sparsely beautiful futuristic landscape created by the atmospheric, eye-slitting lights of Lucy Hansom and Michael Mannion. The costumes were designed by fashion designer Brooke Roberts.

'I wanted to create a dark piece using brightness, to build an engine using bodies, to show hate using love. Here things constantly transform into their opposite'. Riccardo Buscarini


choreography: Riccardo Buscarini
dancers: Harriet Bone, Karolina Kraczkoswska, Victoria Hoyland
rehearsal assistants: Mariana Camiloti, Antonio de la Fe
costumes: Brooke Roberts in collaboration with Kishan Maynard-Clarke
light design: Lucy Hansom in collaboration with Michael Mannion
music: Vertigo's Scene d'Amour by Bernard Herrmann
make up: Ieva Dubinkaite

Special thanks to: The Hospital Club, Italian Cultural Institute and Runa Kaiser

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