Vietnam is a country that has experienced explosive economic growth in recent years. Skyscrapers shoot up into the sky at a dizzying pace, instant millionaires are constantly being created, and it has been reclassified as a 'middle-income country'. But in a nation with a population of over 90,000,000, the nominal GDP per capita is still only 1,527 USD. A lot of people are obviously not sharing in this new age of prosperity.

A mixed film crew made up of a Canadian director, Ukrainian cameraman and Vietnamese journalist head down to one of the poorest parts of Hanoi to search out some of those "left behind"

Surrounded by grinding traffic jams, smog and big business, Long Bien Island is like a parallel universe. The Island is primarily used for farming purposes, subject to seasonal flooding, and only accessible by boat or a narrow staircase leading down from the overhanging bridge. Long Bien is officially closed to any permanent habitation. Nevertheless, some 16 people have from lack of anywhere else to go, constructed flimsy houseboats and live there year round. They eke out a living though marginal means. They are denied residence rights to live anywhere else in the city, have minimal or no education, and are at constant risk of sudden eviction from the government.

This film is a view into the world of one of those residents.

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