i was only able to direct this short film because of the hard work and bravery of the shooters of police brutality and the very talented directors whose work i remixed without permission, and most importantly, the smooth voice of Charles Ramsey- If I could only pay one person it'd be you - keep speaking - keep your chin up- no matter what they say.. People listen to you.

Raise your glass or bow your heads and ask for a call for calm on the police beats of american streets. As citizens, assume every police officer is a kind and courteous professional, but have your camera phone ready because if you film them - it's your story. if you don't it's history.

I didn't shoot any of this footage you've just watched but if you want to clap for them it's ok to do that. Full End Title Credits to appear soon .

A message from legal:
This version is a leak end title credits are being verified. we will relaunch when we have a go- but in honor of this day - on ward on this day!

we are all still a work in progress. this video is no different.

(completely unmixed, raw) music/ soundtrack and score. i'm in LOVE with it. . original beats by dj ace tyrone. dillon francis,
yes, love, the stuff of life, the food of love and I humbly beg to borrow your best borrowed from the best, and from the best of my heroes. thank you Chi-town took us to school. I'm trying to give that school a different sounding teacher.

I made this because i am an american and i've always wanted to do something for my country.

dear 'merica,
it is straight hard to remember that those people in the jail cells they're our people and those homeless people mummified on our streets- they are us. and we them- we are no stronger than the weakest of us. It's time to kick some ass again United States.
#1 Change: Police Brutality is UNACCEPTABLE. We must unite as citizens and stand together even if it means a separation of officer from detained individual.

it has never felt so urgent or so necessary to make changes in the way we think of crimes and the ways they are punished. The Privatization of the US prison system must end IMMEDIATELY. You've all made your money- now go.

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