Inspired by Dan McCarthy, "The Chronicles of Dan" is as close to a horror/thriller film as we're willing willing to create. The film, in its entirety, was created by about half of the Xavier Charter School Senior Class.

This film was awarded "Grand Jury Best Film" at the Xavier Charter School Film Festival.
Special thanks goes to the McCarthy family for providing the location and to the parents of the actors for allowing us to steal their children on a night tat was supposed to have a major storm brewing.

Dan McCarthy
Adam Davis
Anna McCreary
Autumn Ryerse
Jared Lemon
Sosana Carpenter
Maranda Barrutia
Nathan Miller
Lizzy Bennet
Ryan Crider
Hannah Baker
Trevor Downs

Additional Thanks: Brie Edwards (makeup provider), Hunter Atkinson (poster design- festival edition)

Music created/mixed with/using's ProScores

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