"Void" is the large scale flying mechanic creature, using 8 synchronized winches system, suspended from 8 corner of the cubical space over the public coin parking lot of a very unique neighborhood "Chojamachi" in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This work is an outdoor urban/architectural scale installation that is a part of Aichi Triennale 2013.

Even 17% from total ground usage of U-shape coin parking space can be read as a sign of economic recession in Chojamachi district by the first impression. However, after spending sometimes to observe and to learn about this community, it is very unique and interesting. For me, what happen with Chojamachi is very similar to the mysterious old wooden house surrounded by fancy architecture in the middle of Tokyo, or others of Asian metropolis, where land value is sky rocket high. In most cases, this kind of property belongs to a very wealthy family, acquired by one or two generation before. The building is not old enough to be national heritage, but it's old enough for being a family heritage. Instead of making a lot of profit by selling this tiny land to a modern real estate developer, those wealthy families decided to keep, to use, to live, or to run their business as it used to be. They can slowly think and consider what to do next in the future as long as their like, since there is no bank interest rate factors to rush their decision. 

Chojamachi is the same, but the entire district is owned by strong bound wealthy community, in the center of Nagoya, the 3rd biggest city in Japan.

"Void" is an installation that attempt to enhance the above ground level of those parking space, a transition space that Chojamachi wait patiently, mindfully for the next step that is not only for economic development, but to link its glory local history of being Japan top three textile town after WWII.

I worked in collaboration with Bangkok-based engineers to create a flying object/creatures/spirits that can freely fly over an entire above ground space (6.5x9.5x13.5 meter, WxHxD) through the use of eight synchronized control custom made winches. The technique was developed from my previous installation "Mist" in 2011.

The movement of this object/creature/spirit imitates the "3d flower box", a classic Microsoft Window 98 screensaver. Screensaver is always active when we do nothing with computer, but we intentionally do not turn it off because we plan to do something with it soon. "Void" is like a real world urban scale screensaver for Chojamachi.

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