Prof. Konstantin Meyl is the worlds leading physicist in the research on scalar waves, both in theory and practice. There are three kinds of waves:

1. electromagnetic waves (Heinrich Hertz), well known to everybody

2. electric scalar waves (Nikola Tesla), only known by secret services and enlightened people, even called Tesla waves, and

3. magnetic scalar wave (Konstantin Meyl), unknown

Meyl figured out, that the magnetic scalar wave is biological relevant, not the electromagnetic wave. Therefore cell communication is done by magnetic scalar waves. It was detected, that cancer cells mostly communicate with their own kind, not with healthy cells. So Meyl poisoned cancer cells and while dying, they send a special signal received only by other cancer cells, which causes them to die also. Healthy cells do not receive this signal, which is transmitted by magnetic scalar waves.
With this method only cancer cells are targeted. That is a huge difference to the chemotherapy from today, which target almost the whole body and often kill the patients slowly.

White TV wants to point out, that the killing of cancer cells with scalar waves is better than chemo, but not the optimum, because to attack cancer cells and tumours is only to attack the symptoms but not the cause of cancer. Here other methods must be used.

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