Dancing Water and Light

Water e-Motion

The short videos entitled “Water e-Motion” are depictions of the combined motion of water and light as it occurs outdoors. The movement of natural elements (water and wind) is in interaction with reflections of artificial lighting as captured by the camera lens which transfigures the imagery along with additional camera movements.
Through the editing, the phenomena is 'captured' and 'framed' and transforms into a choreographed performance which still retains its chance-like and transitory qualities.

The images transpire and evolve within the frame and on the screen in space-time. The performance is not confined to a location or geography (the place where it originally occurred) as it focuses on the primary elements without which we can no longer survive as a culture, i.e., water and light/electricity.

These videos are designed primarily (though not exclusively) for medium/small computer and telephone screens that keep us interconnected globally as people of one planet. Both water and light/electricity ensure our physical and spiritual interconnectedness as we share them along with the rest of our resources, and as we care for one another, beyond geographical, national borders and social/racial prejudices.

The dance of water and light is illusive and unbound. It reflects itself and as it interacts with us it reflects our consciousness.

The videos are mute intentionally. Sound would add meanings and motion to the images which, as the maker of this work, I would rather avoid at this stage. The emphasis in these videos is on the viewer's pure visual experience of movement. However, few experiments involving sound are being developed.

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