**Download the file to view it in 4K (H.264 compression) or alternatively watch it on Youtube in Original Setting here: youtube.com/watch?v=ZDaepmcmBcI&feature=youtu.be **

I've always found the F55 to be an interesting camera but only shot very briefly with it on a job before, but only in 1080p. I was interested in testing out the 4K XAVC capabilities of the F55, so I went to Video Europe in London for a loaner unit. Video Europe kindly gave me the F55 for a day with 2 Arri Alura zoom lenses. 15.5-45mm T2.8 and 30-80mm T2.8.

Mainly, I wanted to test resolution as well as Dynamic Range and the internal codec. The footage is adjusted within FCP X. I only adjusted the contrast and didn't do any other grading. I made sure that no highlight or blacks were clipped with the Waveform monitor in FCP X.

Big thanks go out to Georgia Rose who modelled/acted for us throughout the day and also to Ben Crabb who joined me to see what the camera is capable of!

Music: Clouds by Josh Hoover

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