Live Installation | Bogotá 13th May 2013
Abraham Hurtado was invited to work with the performing artists involved in the project "Márgenes". In this time they have worked on the territory adjacent to the Santa Fe, the Central Cemetery and Palo quemao Market. The Live Installation is inspired by these two areas to create a sequence of images and feelings that connect us directly with Santa Fe. To get closer to the epicenter of the project have chosen the southern and western borders of the Barrio Santa Fe, Bogotá. Colombia

Concept Abraham Hurtado | Executed by Oscar Cortés, Charles González, Sofia Arrieta , Julian Alvarado Johanna Marín | Artists involvedin the project “Márgenes” | Sound Jan Ferreira | collaboration Miquel Casaponsa | Songs "La Sombra Negra" Totó La Momposina "Cuéntale a Ella" Helenita Vargas | Produced by
AADK with the support of Márgenes project | Thanks to Maria de los Angeles, Alejandra Hoyos, Anders Bigum

Live installation by Abraham Hurtado (associate artist in AADK platform, Currently Artistic Direction in Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur Berlin and Centre Negra, space for research and creation, in Blanca, Murcia, Spain |

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