0:00:00 Pt I: Introduction
0:05:33 Pt II: Meditation
0:12:39 Pt III: Prayer
0:40:31 Pt IV: Lovingkindness Meditation
1:01:35 Pt V: Maintaining a Spiritual Practice

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• UU Friendly Prayer (Class Handout) bit.ly/14kCfWT
• On Death and Dying, Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and The Five Stages of Grief ekrfoundation.org/five-stages-of-grief/
• “Beware of practicing your piety…”, Matthew 6:1-18 rc.net/wcc/readings/matt6v1.htm
• Beginner's Grace: Bringing Prayer to Life, Kate Braestrup (excerpt) bit.ly/12W9hO2
• Here If You Need Me: A True Story, Kate Braestrup (Amazon Book) amzn.to/13H7dKq
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• Desert Father’s Contemplative Prayer bit.ly/1d6jDyx
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• Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital, Robert D. Putnam (pdf) bit.ly/13l63Ed
• Spiritual Maintenance Schedule (Class Handout) bit.ly/14XR25k

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