Never Pass Go "My Smiling Savior", from the album "Baltic Avenue" on ZenWhisper Recordings (ZWR034) 2013. Music and lyrics by Kevin Black; Published Never Pass Go. Kevin Black (Vocals/Guitars/Bass) with Neil Braden (Drums). Recorded at Namesake Recordings, Mira Mesa, CA 2013; Mastered by Adam Sisco and Kevin Black. Album artwork by Kevin Black.



I first said "I love you" at the age of 29
And I never thought I'd write a song about love in my life
But I stand here before you, a changed man, on my feet
I survived, somehow alive
Now, I feel a burning for this angel next to me
And if I smile it's 'cause she's mine
She makes me weak and somehow strong
As I repent for years gone wrong, and if I cry
She knows just why
So, I'll lock my hand in hers, after all those years of hurt
I won't let go

Tell me this is real
'Cause for the first time in a decade
I can feel

Standing on a mountain, a long way down from here
She knows I'm afraid of heights, she holds me close in fear
'Cause I can be a falling fool
I don't read well, the signs or rules
Been broken, so bruised
But I feel safe now, in this moment
I knew all those years of torment would subside,
I'm still alive
So, I'll lock my hand in hers after all those years of hurt
I can't let go

She's my smiling savior
An angel, sent for me
She's all I see
If Zeus came from the heavens
To steal her back from me
You know where I'll be
I'll fight the gods of every ocean,
The sun the sky, the sea
I won't let go

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