Today is Anthony and Liliana's first day back to school.

I created this video on the way to the bus stop and was able to get some pictures of my children's first day back to school.

Since my son Anthony was born in 2001 and started going to elementary school in 2006 and my daughter Liliana was born in 2004 and started going to school in 2011, I had never had the opportunity to see him or her off to the bus stop.

I had never envisioned my life this way. Being the absence in my children's life.

Unfortunately, I was working in the corporate world. Having to leave home at 7:15 am to drive 45 minutes to an hour to get to work and clock in by 8:30.

The only way we communicated after I left was by phone and text's.

I felt like a horrible mother having to leave them and felt that there was no other option.

So today being the first day back to school, Anthony being age 12 did not want me to walk him to the bus stop as he has now entered into middle school.

I finally had the opportunity to walk with Liliana to the bus stop and stay with her.

I was able to give her that kiss goodbye and tell her I love her and tell her to have a Great Day!

These are the moments that a mom looks forward to.

I am sad and glad that they are back in school, due to the fact that the house is so quiet.

Empower Network has changed my life forever.

I am blessed to have this opportunity to work from home.

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