A first look at our work on creating a portable rigging solution using Splice. Standard rigging approaches often become inflexible as complexity rises. The new integrated manipulation system for Splice allows TDs to develop truly dynamic and contextual interfaces for their rigs.

The Splice manipulation ties deeply into the host application's animation system, so that users can animate Splice manipulation components as if they were interaction with native objects. Splice manipulation is only present at the time of the manipulation. This means that cyclic dependencies in the data (such as a symmetry interaction, for example) can be implemented without a problem. The complex math only happens at manipulation time, so rig performance isn't affected by the complexity of the manipulation features.

To learn more about Splice, visit: fabricengine.com/splice/

To request access to the Splice beta program, please email beta@fabricengine.com (you must have at minimum some python coding skills, ideally working as a TD/programmer in a studio)

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