One of the many lessons we all took away from our experiences in the classroom as teachers was that your school environment and culture are critical to your success as an educator. And in most cases, that culture was built by teachers from the inside out.

But every year, more than half a million teachers in public and private K-12 schools change jobs. An estimated half of new teachers leave the profession after five years – not just because of low pay or difficult work, but largely due to dissatisfaction with their work environments.

When you zoom out to a systemic level, you see that the cost of recruiting and training new teachers each year is a staggering $7 billion across the country – not to mention the devastating impact teacher turnover has on students and communities.

The cultural alignment between schools and teachers is often overlooked, but it is one of the best predictors of mutual success. Like any other relationship, FIT MATTERS.

And that’s exactly what we hope to solve for: myEDmatch connects schools and teachers with shared missions, beliefs, and goals. We help great teachers and great schools find each other, leading to great outcomes for kids.

And ultimately that’s our vision of the future. We aspire for all kids to attend mission- and culture-aligned schools with the best possible teachers.

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