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The Cry! has one rule of being in a band: "Don't suck."

It's not as facetious as it sounds. These guys tell it like it is—often in refreshingly irreverent, shameless, profanity-laced terms—and when it comes to making music, they really do take that rule seriously.

"When it comes time to take the stage, you've gotta be professional, and you've gotta throw it down like a champion," Brian told us.

And boy, do they. It's clear that they take every aspect of their music to heart, right down to the style of clothing they wear (watch the interview to find out why). Their music, a tough, rowdy, utterly cool mixture of 70's punk and 60's pop, definitely stands out from the crowd.

They're only playing two shows this summer, so don't miss their performance Friday at the Tonic Lounge. After you watch the interview, be sure to find them on Facebook, YouTube, or at their website:

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