Minke is an innovative, new multi-tool that allows you to cut fishing lines, thread hooks and tie knots. Effortlessly.

Angling is one of the most popular recreational activities worldwide, however threading a fine line through the eye of a small hook can be difficult, even for experienced anglers. Add in bad weather or low light and this makes things even more difficult. Minke is about removing this frustration and allowing you to get on with what you enjoy.

When designing Minke, we have carefully thought about and tested every aspect of the tool: from how you hold and manipulate it in your hands, to how you insert a hook, thread a small eyelet and then tie the perfect clinch knot.

At Meso we believe in a holistic approach to design. This is why Minke has been through an in-depth product development process of design reviews, prototypes, focus groups and user testing. It was this process that identified the clinch knot as one of the most common and trusted knots used in coarse and fly fishing and it's the knot Minke is designed to tie.

We have also carefully refined the dimensions and tolerances of the rubber head so that it can hold a range of hooks commonly used: size 8 to size 16.

Minke is about making things simpler and that is why we have integrated a set of hollow ground, sprung stainless steel clippers as well as an eyelet cleaning needle. Due to Minke's ergonomic design, you can flick the tool around your finger to use all of the different features without having to find and swap tools. You can also use the slot in the back of the tool to attach Minke to your vest for ease of accessibility.


- Flexible rubber head holds hooks sized 8 - 16
- Funnel feeds the line straight through the eye of the hook
- Patented design makes tying a clinch knot effortless
- Integrated clippers allow you to trim the line
- Eyelet cleaning needle integrated into clippers
- Lanyard loop to keep your Minke safe
- Delivered in a tin which you can use to store hooks and lures

The initial concept for Minke came from a university final-year design project which Meso developed and refined into the product you see today. The ergonomics of the product were carefully considered as well as ensuring the reliability and performance of the product. Minke's design is based around the enjoyment of holding and handling the tool as much as it's about ensuring the quality with which it works. We have applied this attention to detail at every stage of the project and this continues through to manufacture.

Meso Design are used to delivering cutting edge products and work closely with reliable and trusted manufacturers to achieve this. We have already made a prototype tool so we know that Minke can be manufactured to the required tolerances and the prototypes have had a great reception from all of our beta testers.

In 2012 Minke won a Red Dot Concept Design Award, however we need your help to raise the funds required to set-up tooling for mass manufacture. With your help we can transform a great concept into a fantastic product.

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