There are a few places to look to join sessions and the ones your child will be joining will depend upon their grade level and their teacher’s class schedule. So let’s get a couple of things clear about these sessions so you know where to find them and what to do!

Thing 1 - some sessions are PUBLIC sessions and you can access those from the Collaborate tab on Blackboard.
Within this tab you’ll see the SUPPORT and SCHEDULER sub-tabs. The support sub-tab is just that - support. You can get help, or configure your computer for Collaborate.

The scheduler sub-tab is where you’ll find live and recorded public Collaborate sessions. You can search by date, title, or just browse for what you are looking for.

You can get there from a student log in to BB or from a parent log in. These public sessions are much like what you might think of as assemblies - something the whole school would have access to or potentially want to attend.

You can also get to public or open sessions from the teacher’s courses or homeroom organizations as public stuff just shows up everywhere.

Thing 2 - Some sessions are PRIVATE or course sessions. Think about it, if there was an Algebra class being taught at 9 am daily, the entire school would not be invited to attend that class, right? The best way to get to those sessions is through the course on BB - kind of like walking through the door to the classroom and then joining in the class!

If the session is something offered by the teacher to her entire class - like a homeroom session or group session, you will probably look in their homeroom org to join that session.
Basically you want to try to keep in mind you want to go through the right door first (the org or the class or the public space) in order to join the session you are looking for.

The other thing you might see is a link to a session posted in an announcement or an email. This is sometimes done for parent sessions or other assemblies so that folks can just click the link and join as well. Just type in your name when prompted.

For best results, join a session 15 minutes before it begins.

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