A tropical paradise with a storied past, Cuba offers us a unique view of a world few have been able to see. Photographing Cuba offers us the rare opportunity to capture its warm people alongside its natural beauty and stunning architecture. Laid back Caribbean Island culture mixed with the big-city life of Havana, where vintage American cars from the 40’s and 50’s roll by you on Havana’s Malecon. Cienfuegos is a port city on the southern coast with architecture that reflects its French colonial roots. And Trinidad is Cuba’s best preserved colonial city. Like all our workshops, we take you behind the scenes of Cuba’s tourist veil and expose you to the inner city culture that is the real Cuba. By working with locals, we are able to achieve this on an unprecedented level. We’ll be speaking with Cubans about daily life on the island, learning about the country’s unique political and economic system, meeting scores of Cubans from different walks of life and working side-by-side with Cuban photographers. Our travels outside Havana allow us a close view of the island’s beautiful countryside and offers us the unique opportunity to discover rural Cuba through photography. All three cities are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Cuba is not to be missed!


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