Sony HX1---This video shows a flock of Mallards engaged in their usual rivalry and some unusual manuevers that I've never seen them do until recently. The drakes sometimes rear up and dip their bills into the water or may arch their backs and rotate 1/4 turn. One time, you can see a drake displaying and immediately, another charges at him for doing it.

Before this week, I'd seen only Green-winged Teal and Gadwalls make these moves. Other species in the Anas Genus might possibly have similar displays, on some occasions. They also give chirping whistles when they do this, but on this video, the traffic from a nearby street drowns out most of them.

Anyone in Eugene who wants to see this show, can come to the Riverfront Parkway Bridge over the Eugene Millrace, close to Franklin Blvd. and Agate St. and look upstream.

Shot in 720p at 6 Mbps. Edited into MPEG4 at 10 Mbps. This was late in the day, with overcast skies. Download the full file, for better picture quality, if you're a Vimeo subscriber.

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