Lydia and I were looking to make a video and decided to write a song. Originally I wanted to write a country song, but because we are Asian it would be about life in the Chinese countryside. Eventually the country music angle was dropped, and what remained was this song about being a concubine. Lydia insisted that I play all the wives. We got our friend Tom to play the husband. His facial hair and robe should tell you that he is supposed to be playing Chinese.


Working in rice paddies all day
spend my time thinking of you
When I come home it's worth it
to hear you call me ... your wife number two

first wife gives me a dirty look
but I'm still proud to be me
no matter what I'll always know
I'm better... than wife number three

it's not easy but it's not so bad
to be your concubine
But even though I have to share you
I can still call you mine

I know I'm number one in your heart
now that number five's gained some weight
wife number six is no longer with us
don't get me started... on wife number eight

you're not so bad
you're kind of a looker
a generous man
you bought me a rice cooker

tonight's my night to spend with you
I'm gonna bear you a son
not like that worthless daughter
you got from -- who's that? Oh that's right: wife number one

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