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Object Databases are on Market for more then 20 years now. Having a very hard time in being the first to fight SQL, the products are now extremely mature and industry proven. Object databases offer stunning capabilities and features which are unfortunately rarely known. Indeed several of the largest databases in the world are object databases. The talk will show the object database space, typical application scenarios and benefits.

Stefan Edlich holds two diplomas (Computer Science and Economics). He received his Doctor in Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) in 1995 from Technische Universität Berlin and was Assistant Professor at the Institute for Communications and Operating Systems (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sigram Schindler). From 1995 to 1998 he was the head of an IT-Department (trade-supervision) of a German top 10 Bank. In 1999 he joined one of the most successful german OO Consulting-Companies (GEBIT) in Germany. Simultaneously he worked for BEA-Systems Inc. as a professional trainer teaching the BEA product portfolio (weblogic et al) to some of the German top 100 companies.

2002 he was called for a professorship at the University of Brandenburg (App.Sc.). 2005 he was called for a professorship at TFH-Berlin connected to E-Learning and Software-Engineering.

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