This is a slide show from glass jaw, a piece we made at Brooklyn Bridge park in the summer of 2013. Because the piece required access to a soundtrack. Most audience members streamed the soundtrack through their smartphone. Which meant they had a camera with them. Many of these photos come from members of the audience - Which I feel gives many different viewpoints to the performance.
The soundtrack are all dreams taken from interviews in which the dream was exchanged for a dance response. This is just a few of them - the background music was composed by Loren Dempster
The performers are
Chantal Baudouin, Kristen Carcone, Hope Davis, Gabriel Forestieri, Adam Gauzza, Elena Hecht, Ted Johnson, Alex Lyons, Careena Melia, Charlie Mosey, Troy Ogilvie, Allison Sale, Anna Schon, Elizabeth Washington

Here is some additional info

glass jaw is a self-guided journey between two bridges,
using dance, theater, sound, and narrative to investigate alternate ways of knowing.
human brainwaves when awake generally fluctuate between 13 to 60 pulses a second
when we drop below this frequency we enter dream states of consciousness
relativity emerges as our way of shaping reality
which of course allows many holes in any single interpretation
projectLIMB offers a space to observe, connect, and wonder at our nature and possibility

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