Update: Help us bring awareness about the bees' ColonyColapseDisorder (CCD) with our educational design-build pavilion developed at the McGill School of Architecture. Donate what you can and make us BEE happy:

Honeybees are the insects most responsible for the pollination of flowers, which in turn makes agriculture and food production possible. It has been said that one in three bites of food we eat is directly or indirectly pollinated by honeybees. The health of food crops is tightly linked with the health of the bee colonies, which has recently declined to alarming rates.

The B-Shack pavilion project is a student-led initiative investigating new methods of practice by addressing contemporary issues. The project presents a unique opportunity for the architecture and engineering students of the McGill University to learn through hands-on experience in an academic context. Graduate students in coordination with the Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Mediation (FARMM) are responsible for the design, fabrication and assembly of the parametric pavilion.

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