The Rite of Spring Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)

sacrificial dance - excerpt

PSU Symphony Orchestra, Ken Selden conducting
Agnieszka Laska Dancers, choreography by Agnieszka Laska
costumes by Rebecca Price; lighting by Agnieszka Laska

The Chosen One - Lauren Michelle Richmond
Opening solo - Sissy Dawson
The Sage - Heidi Nelson
The Women - Karissa Dean, Allie Fahsholz
The Young Maidens - Kelsey Adams, Sissy Dawson, Sharon Lane, Nikki Leopold, Amelia Unsicker
The Young Men - Niqi Cavanaugh, Gentry Fielder, Jonathan Garza, Jorge Ronzon*
The Girls - Natalie Cheechov, Sophie Marcus

* guest dancer by the courtesy of Contemporary Dance Production Center (CEPRODAC), Mexico.

premiered June 7, 2013
© Agnieszka Laska Dancers

My interpretation of The Rite of Spring is both contemporary and primitive. Living in a time when the planet’s natural resources are, in certain regions, severely stressed, I chose to set my ‘Rite...’ in an imaginary corner of the world where an undeveloped people struggle desperately, day in and day out, just to find enough water to survive. This urgent, relentless quest dominates their tribal life, to the point that human sacrifice is an integral act of faith in their survival ritual -- in some ways analogous to certain rituals in the modern, developed world. Some things never change; no matter how convenient, nothing is free.
~ Agnieszka Laska

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