"On one BART ride, an awkward introvert has his closest encounter with the female kind."

This video has grown on me. Throughout postproduction, I had a a love/hate relationship with this project. There were just so many flaws that I had listed down. Continuity errors with the faces, a certain extra looking a the camera, color temperature fluctuations, shots that were completely different (or missing) from the storyboard.... There was a whole bunch.

Then towards the end, after working around all these setbacks, I actually started really liking Bobble Head.

I could go on and on about the process. There were so many interesting coincidences that just made it work. How it all turned out was sorta like a miracle. (plus, we didn't have a permit. Shhhh.)

Shot on a Canon HG20
Edited and color corrected on Final Cut Pro
Music: "Tokyo Love Story" by Arovane

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