Toni Dove's 
Lucid Possession
A Live Mix Cinema Performance

Co-Producers for the Roulette presentation: Issue Project Room, HERE and Roulette.

Performed by Toni Dove, Hai-Ting Chinn, with a live score by Todd Reynolds
Songs composed by Elliott Sharp
Bob McGrath: Co-Director of Staging
R. Luke DuBois: Software Design
Ed Bear and Matt Tennie: Technical Directors, live robotics and sound control

Musicians, a VJ, and stage-controlled robotic screens combine to present a contemporary ghost story – a poetic musing on managing the mass of  information ”noise”. The audience is drawn into a world in which video characters come to life: the wave of a hand moves a video body, and video characters lip synch live to a singer. The players onstage collectively perform the movie, which spills off the dynamic, dimensional screens onto the stage. The result is like a complex three-dimensional, automated video pop-up book, and as characters are brought to life through motion, voice, and robotics, the boundaries of the real and virtual are blurred.

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