A Journey

一场完整婚礼也是一次经历,我们去经历人生的喜怒哀乐,是制造浪漫,是创造美好回忆的宝贵机会。许多人曾经拥有,但不曾把它永恒保留,若干年后... ... 记忆已不像从前的清晰,各种美好画面渐渐淡忘。

A complete wedding is an experience that we can create romantic and also a valuable opportunity to create beautiful memories. There are many people used to own it, but it can't be last forever, a few years later ...... Memory is not fresh in mind like before, all beautiful memories gradually faded.
There is only a few significance matters in lifetime, one of which is marriage. We work together to create our own memories, with a high standard shooting techniques, the use of fine-art and beautiful way to capture every single
beautiful moment and it would be forever preserved.

A Celebration

结婚是一个开始,也是人生中最美丽的一部分。一生中只有一次,应该是很特别,让每个人都印象深刻。 当然婚纱礼服在婚礼是另一个重要的方面,它必须是非常美丽,高贵与华丽的,并代表着幸福。最重要的就是婚礼摄影...把你的婚礼在生活中始终保持着甜蜜的回忆和你最美丽的时刻。

The most beautiful moment in life.
Wedding photography is the best way to immortalize your special day. You only get one chance (hopefully) of capturing your wedding day, so it is wise to employ a professional wedding photographer for this important task.
Looking at those wonderful photographs of various ceremonies, wedding dresses and dance, gives a sense of togetherness, even if they are miles apart.

A Memory... ...
KEDA.Z Photography

Keda.Z Feng – KEDA.Z Photography 的创意总监及首席摄影师。

- Qualified Master Photographers Association UK - Fellowship (FMPA).
- Malaysia's most awarded international photographer.
- Malaysia's top award winner featured on MPA-UK 2011.
- Rest of the World Portfolio Photographer of the Year (MPA,UK)
- Asia Top 30 photographers of Signature Weddings 2012.
- The only Asia photographer win the Top prize of the International Loupe Awards 2012, 1st place & Gold award.
- WPPI International Award Winning Photographer.
- WPPI Online competition 3rd place of Bride & Groom Alone category, 2012
- WPPI Online competition 1st place of Bride & Groom Together category, 2012
-2009-2013 WPPI Competition, over 60 awards.
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,1st place of Bride & Groom Together category.
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,2nd place of Bride & Groom Together category.
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,3rd place of Wedding category.
-2013 WPPI 16x20 Print Competition,2nd place of Engagement category.
- Multiple Award-winning Overseas Category of the year 2010 - (Master Photography Awards UK)
- MPA awards 2010, Overseas Fashion & Beauty of the year award.
- MPA awards 2010, Overseas Classical Wedding of the year award.
- MPA awards 2010, Overseas Classical Portrait of the year award.
- WPPM Best Male Photographer of the year 2011
- WPPM Emerging Talent of the year 2010.
- WPPM Print of the year 2010 & 2011.
- WPPM 3 Professional Category Award winner in 2011 (Bride & Groom Together, Wedding Details, Individual).
- WPPM 3 Professional Category Award winner in 2010 (Bride & Groom Together, Bride & Groom Alone, Glamour/Fashion).
- Creative Asia 2011, 1st place in Bride & Groom Together.
- Creative Asia 2011, 2nd place in Glamour.
- Won over 160 photography awards from Asia & International.

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