This is a recording of a livecoding set in September 2009. The performance was a part of the ANU "Beginning Middle and End" mini art festival and was held in ANU's School of Art Gallery. The performance was held on the final night of the festival as a close to the gallery's BM&E exhibition. Ben Swift, another Impromptu livecoder, also performed on the night.

This is a pretty crummy recording with lots of crowd noise (camera mic in crowd), missing frequencies, heads in the way etc.. So it's really only here because it was recorded ... the sound quality is bad, you've been warned.

It wasn't a great performance, but it wasn't terrible. I really like the craziness at the start but I really wish that I'd thought about moving the bass part earlier. I got carried away with other things and wasn't listening properly!

It was a very "visual arts" crowd so it's kinda interesting to check out peoples faces as they walk past the video camera :) Also, I'm not sure what all the head bobbing was about!! It turns out that we do some strange things while livecoding!!

The video is nicely bookended by the faces of two fellow sound artists, Giles Aubrey and Alistair Riddell.

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