Mint Design has created a product that has strived to improve the current standard of First Aid kits. The Pulse First Aid Kit helps to facilitate first aid procedures by means of intuitive instruction.

How does it work? The Pulse First Aid Kit uses colour-coding and infographics to inform the user on the specific first aid procedures to perform and the specific content to be used for that procedure.

This product is a first level first aid kit that covers five injury types which include burns, cuts, bone injuries, resuscitation, stings and bites. This product has been specifically designed with the user in mind as it includes an information sheet, shopping list and additional space within the bag.

The information sheet is for the users personal and medical information, the shopping list enables the user to refill their contents and the additional space allows the user add in their own content. This system is not designed as a substitute for first aid training or knowledge but rather as an organizational device that serves as a reminder.

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