Thank you Raymond for the great party video you did for SK2013! We appreciate the time and effort you put behind your work, you are definitely a true professional :) gCircuit will release the Official Song Kran 2013 Video very soon, in the meantime, you can enjoy Raymond's version :)

gCircuit SongKran 2013 (SK7) Party Video, Bangkok, GCircuit Thailand.

DJs (in order of appearance): EXOTICA PARTY - DJ Louis T, DJ Isaac Escalante. GALACTICA PARTY - DJ Head, DJ Danny Verde & DJ Micky Friedmann. FANTASTICA PARTY - DJ Preeda Tony, DJ Ana Paula. The party took place last April 12-14, 2013.

DJ Ana Paula performed DJ Peter Rauhofer's remix of Pink's Try during her set at the Fantastica party. The song became the video soundtrack to honor the late Peter Rauhofer as well as dancer/model Masaki Koh, who both passed away in May of this year. SK7 was Masaki's last major party before his untimely death from peritonitis.

The next Songkran party will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from April 11-13, 2014. For more information, check out

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