Utilising my extensive experience shooting cars all over the world, my love for painting with light on sheet metal and chrome, my keen eye for locations, my ability to tell a story in 30 seconds and trading in the old cameras and tracking vehicles for the latest 3D modelling software and computer animation techniques, I am joining forces with the very creative folks at Rotor Studios to offer a complete new way of executing automotive films.

Believe it or not, all cars and backgrounds on our new montage were totally computer generated!
We aim to liberate your scripts from the restrictions of accessing a perfect but difficult location, waiting for the precise weather and mobilising cumbersome and expensive equipment! Talk to me about your next car commercial and let your imagination free.

…Then again why stop there, you might have noticed a few shots of tablets and smart phones in the montage as well, so you can even talk to me about any hard surface products like white goods, televisions, and furniture in general, I’m sure we can make them look just a sexy as the cars.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Juan Jaramillo
Home +612 9440 3077
Mob: +61419 465 616
Skype: amazonpictures

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